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I am blatantly stealing this from glockart.


I have pairings/fandoms/characters that I adore that are either not often drawn, or at the very least not drawn together. I accept this, but I can't deny that when I see them written or drawn, it fills me with glee.

Therefore, in an effort to get more of what I want, I want to give you something you want.

In exchange for a drabble/drawble/wibble/doodle from one of my favorites, I will give you at least a drabble and.or some icons of one of your favorite fandoms/pairings! (I prefer drawbles/sketches, since I can't draw for crap, but whatever floats your boat.) OR I could also take a picture that reminds me of you. (but that wont be fandom related)

Here's how it'll work:

1) Post your bits OR comment with your choice (of what you're doing) from my list, and let me know what you'd like me to draw for you!

2) I will write ANY FANDOM provided you give me some references/places to get references for fandoms I'm unfamiliar with.

3) Smut is fine by me. In fact, if you DON'T want smut, you should probably tell me.

4) absolutely no deadline on this

5) there can be repeats!!

6) If I list a show or book with no characters after it, it means that anything is okay by me.
ADDITIONALLY, I AM PRO-CROSSOVER. So much so that I write it nearly exclusively at this point. In fact, if you crossover on me, I'll probably "pay you back" double. And really I guess part of this is to see what cross-overs other people come up with.

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